Initial Training

Before Installation

To facilitate an efficient transition to DIADâ„¢, our team of professionals will work with you to analyze your company's needs, and create a personalized implementation training program for your company.


On-site with your personnel, the system will be installed and a training program (included with your system purchase) will bring your staff to a level of competency with the software.

After Installation

Our staff follows up regularly to ensure a successful start.

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Follow Up Training

In order to most effectively stage implementation, additional training is available. Training occurs on-site at your company. Our training staff has experience in the technical nature of the software and comprehensive knowledge of the directory industry to help facilitate training and consultation on workflow processes.

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Upgrade Training

With each software release there are new and more effective tools that are made available to all of our clients. Personalized training on new release features or training for staff that may wish additional training on the software is available in time frames that are custom designed to meet the needs of your workplace. We recommend one upgrade training release period for all clients.

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